Wells Fargo Gift Card Balance & Account

The Wells Fargo Gift Card is a great idea for birthday presents, business gifts, holiday presents, awards, incentives, rewards, and more. It offers convenience, security, and cost-effectiveness in an easy to use card.

What Can My Card Be Used For?

The funds associated with your Wells Fargo Gift Card are eligible to be insured up to the limits which apply. This insurance is covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation once it is registered. You can use the card to purchase gifts and services until its sum is depleted. You may choose to use the card as a debit or credit card, and either enter a pin number or sign the receipt. The card can also be used t make online and phone purchases, as long as it is registered to your correct address and personal information.

How Can I Activate My Card and Check The Balance?

You must activate your card before you can use it by calling the Customer Service number at 1-877-855-8719. During this phone call, you will be given a pin number and instructed to sign the back of the card. It is highly advised that you write down the card number, along with the Customer Service number in a safe place in case you lose your card, it is damaged, or it is stolen.

View of www.wellsfargogiftcard.com
View of www.wellsfargogiftcard.com

You can register your Wells Fargo Gift Card online. You will need to provide the card number and the card security code to log in to the site and enter your information for registration. Your address, email address (optional) and phone number are linked to the card at this time. It is best to register your card for a couple of reasons. One, it makes it possible for you to use the card for online and phone purchases. Two, it protects you by enabling Wells Fargo to replace the card if it is lost, stolen, or damaged.

What Restrictions Apply To My Card?

You cannot use your Wells Fargo Gift Card to obtain cash at any ATM or to get cash back after a purchase or at a bank branch. The card cannot be used to buy goods or services from merchants outside of the United States, nor can it be used to make recurring payments to third parties. You also may not use the card for any illegal activity, such as gambling, or the purchase of illegal merchandise.

Phone NumberOfficial LinkContact by Mail
1-877-855-8719https://www.wellsfargogiftcard.com/Wells Fargo Card Services
P.O. Box 30086
Los Angeles, CA 90030-0086

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