Walmart GiftCard Balance & Activation

A Walmart Gift card can be used for many things, and in many places. Here is some information on how and when to use yours, how to activate it and check the balance, and what restrictions might apply to the card and its use.

What Can I Use My Card For?

A Walmart Gift Card can be used anywhere that a Visa Debit Card is accepted, as long as the purchase is made from or within the United States and the District of Columbia. To discover the best place for you to purchase a Walmart Gift Card, you can simply go to their Store Locator and input your information. This will show you where the card is being sold at a participating Walmart store near you. Walmart Gift Cards are issued from GE Capital Retail Bank or Sunrise Banks NA, Saint Paul, MN.

How Do I Activate My Card and Check the Balance? Account Account

Your Walmart Gift Card is automatically activated when you purchase it. You do, however, have to sign the back of the card to indicate that you agree to the terms of the card account. It is best to write down your card number in order to protect yourself should it become lost or stolen. You should also register your card upon purchase. You can so so by visiting and filling in the blanks. This makes it possible for you to use the card online or to make purchases by phone where your address will be required. Otherwise, your transaction may be denied. This is also added protection in case you lose your card or it is stolen.

Are There Limits On My Walmart Gift Card?

There are a few limits to using your Walmart Gift Card. You cannot register an address in New Hampshire or Vermont to a card issued by Sunrise Banks, NA, for example, since the card is not available for sale in those states. Cards issued by GE Capital Retail Bank are not available for sale in Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Hawaii New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, or New York. You will not be able to register an address in these states. You can, however, receive a refund for your card if you have not used any of the balance.

Your card also cannot be used for any purchase outside of the US including those merchants which sell via internet or phone.

Phone NumberOfficial LinkContact by Mail
1-866-633-9096https://www.walmartgift.comWalmart Visa Gift Card
P.O. Box 1187
Monrovia, CA 91017

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