Chase Gift Card Is Closing Their Offer

The Chase Gift Card is no longer being offered for sale, but for those who still have a Chase Gift Card, there may be questions about what it can be used for, how check the balance, and what limits may apply. Here are some of those answers. If you are looking for a popular alternative that is nationwide, you might try taking a look at the details for the Walmart Giftcard offer that is also Visa sponsored.

What Can My Card Be Used For?

While Chase is no longer selling the Chase Gift Card from Chase Bank, they will continue to honor those gift cards which were purchased prior to this development. This applies until the funds on the card are depleted, or the card expires. You can still get a replacement card if yours is damaged or lost. Simply call Chase at 1-866-466-0079. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can use your Chase Gift Card to purchase anything from any merchant that accepts a Visa Debit Card. It can be used internationally for foreign transactions.

How Can I Activate My Card and Check The Balance?

Your card must be registered in order to protect in case you should lose it, it is stolen, or if it becomes damaged. Registering your card helps to identify you as its owner should any unauthorized transaction occur. You also must register the card if you wish to use it for purchasing anything online or by phone. Your billing address must match the one on your card in these circumstances. Your balance can be checked by going to or by calling 1-866-466-0079.

What Restrictions Apply To My Card?

The Chase Gift Card is no longer being sold, so you must already own one to use their services. It cannot be used to gamble, or to remove money from an ATM or branch bank. There is no pin number associated with a Chase Gift Card, so it is best to choose the “credit” option instead of the “debit” option when making a purchase. You cannot add funds to the card, and there are no fees associated with the card. Chase does not send out a statement for the Chase Gift card. Refunds for returns are at the discretion of the merchant from with the item was purchased. This may be credited back to the Chase Gift Card, made in cash, or as a store credit. If a transaction is denied, this means that you did not have enough in your balance to make the purchase.

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